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Nickel smelting producing-MetalpediaNickel is recovered through extractive metallurgy it is extracted from its ores by conventional roasting and reduction processes that yield a metal of greater than 75% purity In many stainless steel applications 75% pure nickel can be used without further purification depending on -nickel ore leaching-,US7901484B2 Resin-in-leach process to recover nickel and The process of the invention is applicable for leaching of a concentrate bearing nickel and cobalt lateritic ore nickel oxide or cobalt oxide under atmospheric pressure and temperature below 80° C the main feature of the process consisting of using an ionic exchange polymeric resin during the leaching stage known as resin-in-leach …… Get More

Heap Leaching A Growing Technology in Beneficiation

In heap leaching mined ore is first commonly crushed in order make the target metal more accessible The ore fines are then often agglomerated to improve percolation of the leachate through the heap Agglomeration is carried out in an agglomeration drum ore drum in which the ore fines are tumbled and sprayed with the lixivant/leachate The

Leaching behaviour of a turkish lateritic ore in the

Abstract This paper investigates the dissolution mechanism of a lateritic nickel ore from the Caldag Region of Manisa in Turkey The ore sample contained 1 2% Ni 24 8% Fe and 0 062% Co The optimum leaching conditions were found to be temperature 80 oC particle size -74 µm H 2 SO 4

Nickel Smelting and Refining IFC

Most laterite nickel processers run the furnaces so as to reduce the iron content sufficiently to produce ferronickel products Hydrometallurgi-cal processes based on ammonia or sulfuric acid leach are also used Ammonia leach is usually applied to the ore after the reduction roast step Sulfidic Ore Processing Flash smelting is the most common

Effect of MicrowaveHeating on the Leaching of Lateritic

The effects of stirring speed 100–600 rpm H 2 SO 4 concentration 0 1–2 mol l -1 leaching temperature 40-96 °C and the particle size of the ore were studied on the nickel dissolution rate

Pressure Acid Leaching of Nickel Laterites A Review

Optimum leaching conditions and final liquor composition varies according to the ore mineralogy More fundamental studies have demonstrated that the rate of leaching and character of the residue is dependent upon the level of Mg Mn and Cr in the ore the Eh of the slurry and salinity of the process water

The effect of elemental sulphur and pyrite on the leaching

The nickel recovery during the leaching of nickel laterites at any sampling time was calculated as a percentage of nickel in the liquid phase concentration to that in the original nickel laterite ore

US6312500B1 Heap leaching of nickel containing ore

The present invention relates to a method of operating a heap leach for leaching nickel-containing ore to recover nickel In particular the present invention is directed to a method of heap leaching nickel-containing ore having a tangible clay component i e greater than about 10% by weight of clay

US7758669B2 Process for recovery of nickel and cobalt by

The nickel and cobalt is preferably recovered from the beneficiated upgraded ore fraction by high pressure acid leaching HPAL or atmospheric pressure agitation leaching to produce a leach solution of nickel and cobalt for further processing


High pressure sulphuric acid leaching of lateritic nickel ore 477 leaching time on high pressure sulphuric acid leaching of a local lateritic nickel ore sample having 1 37% Ni were investigated by using chemical and X-ray diffraction analyses Other than nickel the dissolution ratio values of cobalt iron magnesium

New reagents selected for nickel extraction sand washing machine

More nickel can be produced more efficiently from Australia s low-grade laterite ores if the metal is directly extracted after leaching with nitric acid research suggests The extraction step

Extractive Metallurgy of Nickel Cobalt and Platinum Group

Heap Leaching of Nickel Sulfide Ore 13 6 Summary Chapter 14 Production of Nickel Concentrates from Sulfide Ores Leaching of Nickel Sulfide Mattes and Precipitates 24 1 Chlorine Leaching 24 2 Oxygen–Ammonia Leaching In 2013 co-authored Extractive Metallurgy of Nickel Cobalt and Platinum Group Metals

The Development of Nickel Laterite Heap Leach Projects Rev 0

2 1 INTRODUCTION Owing to the potential for comparatively low capital costs and lower economic cut-off ore grades heap leaching has been proposed as an alternative processing route for the processing of nickel

Dissolution kinetics of a lateritic nickel ore in

The dissolution kinetics of a lateritic nickel ore in the sulphuric acid solution were investigated The shrinking core model was applied to the results of experiments The effects of stirring speed 100–600 rpm H2SO4 concentration 0 1–2 mol l-1 leaching

Ammonia/nitric Acid Leaching of Copper- Cobalt Oxidized Ore

during nitric acid/ammonia leaching of copper- cobalt oxidised ore II EXPERIMENTAL A Materials Copper ores present in the southern Democratic Republic of Congo are usually associated with cobalt and nickel ore Sulfur ores as well as oxidized ores of copper and cobalt are present in the region

High Pressure Acid Leaching of a Refractory Lateritic

Effect of leaching duration The data obtained from leaching duration experiments showed that the nickel and cobalt behaved similarly when the leaching duration was prolonged chromium were observed 3 acid/ore 255 °C 275 À850l although increasing nickel extraction continued from 180 min up to 360 min of leaching duration

Heap leaching of nickel containing ore BHP Minerals

For example heap leaching of nickel laterite ore could require as much as two to five years at this percolation flux to obtain reasonable nickel extraction >80% Therefore the acceleration of nickel leaching kinetics is an important issue for the techno-economic success of heap leaching nickel laterite ore

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Leaching behavior of metals from limonitic laterite ore CiteSeerX The high pressure leaching process provides a simple and efficient way for the high recovery of nickel and cobalt from laterite ore leaving residue as a suitable

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